Che’s BULLITT Points

by Zbiggy 6th January 2015

The Ryder Cup and Knee Length White Socks

Firstly, a massive and somewhat delayed congrats to Paul McGinley and the team for once again ensuring a truly deserved European victory. Bloody Brilliant!!!!!! and thank you for the memories. Once again, simply unforgettable.

Without question for me, as a mad sports fan, this is quite simply the best sporting event in the world. To bring together a group of relatively “young” multi millionaires who have achieved success by themselves, throw them into a team environment, without pay, and see how much it matters, in the words of a famous advert – “Priceless”.

However, to be a bit political, I felt this to be an amazing signal. Don’t get me wrong, the European Union has to change significantly, but the Ryder Cup has in my eyes shown what it should be, not what it is. Namely, pulling together a group of countries to become a world-beater. 

So, what are the learnings? 

  1. It’s about making us stronger together, not allowing certain countries to blatantly control another’s destiny to their benefit only.

  2. And, most importantly, it’s about people like Paul McGinley, a true leader, determined to do the right things and most importantly pull all together to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts. 

This is not about leaving or staying in Europe, this is about showing if we truly get our shit together, we can be a major player and influencer on the world stage for good. Leave and break up, and we become a small pawn in a brutal world.

So my message to all: if you want a better Europe, one that is united and completely at one, then let’s show some people power;

Let’s tweet this: At last someone who actually knows what he’s doing. Spread the word.


You will no doubt soon realise I’m a real sucker for a fab quote. So to all of you who don’t think we can make a difference re the above, here’s one of of my faves from The Redskins (an 80s leftwing band):

“Surely if we all spit, we can drown the bastards.”

PS Tried to book a new course to play for a mate’s birthday. Checked out one locally and in the rules you can only wear shorts if accompanied by knee length white socks. Sorry, but unless golf clubs begin to get with the times why would youngsters take up the game with these kind of ridiculous rules.

Just for info, attached are a couple of images. Which one do you believe would be more motivational to a potential golfer. Nuff said.