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by Zbiggy 1st January 2015

Top Stuff

Occasionally, I will feature stuff that, personally, I think is great. Ideally, smaller unknown brands but also, when credit is due, some bigger names. The criteria: that they have a vision, a view and an obstinacy that makes them not only different, but truly great. If you have a moment, check them out. Believe me, well worth it. Also, please note that all pictures, unless stated, were taken by my eldest and are nothing to do with the companies concerned.


To the best of my knowledge, a Swedish company that I believe in terms of clothing is truly exceptional. Cool, quirky, with serious style. I have bought a shed load of stuff from these guys and am yet to be disappointed. My most loved item is a suede jacket (featured below). Expensive yes, but amazingly versatile, worn as a jacket in the warmer months and then under a coat in winter. Anyway, if you fancy treating yourself to some serious clobber, check them out. Either go direct or, if in the UK, I suggest via Simply the best and coolest clothing supplier in the UK.




Always had a soft spot for B&O after being made aware of them via an old girlfriend many moons ago. I’m sure people will argue there are other better, cheaper products on the market. But for me they have always been an incredible inspiration. It’s not simply about how the product works but, just as important, how it looks. This combined with sticking to their Scandinavian minimalist DNA, means they just produce fabulous products.

My most recent purchase: a bluetooth, portable, 360º speaker. Quite simply stunning.