A life in politics, at what price?

by Zbiggy 12th October 2015

I’m going to do something that I’d normally never do, namely write about a book that I haven’t read.

The “author” [sic] in question is a certain Lord Ashcroft. Despite the fact his wealth and influence could have played a major role in reforming a completely outdated and unjust tax system, he instead chose to exploit it.

This is also the guy who charged with leading the Conservative election strategy couldn’t even gain a majority in parliament against one of the most incompetent prime ministers the country has ever seen (so brilliantly described as “Mr Bean” by Vince Cable), namely Gordon Brown.

Then, to rub salt into the wounds, he decides to do the dirty and in an act of clear spite spills the beans, so to speak, on David Cameron’s early years.

In the same publication that I will not name, there’s an article about Jeremy Corbyn’s earlier lovers. Put simply, WTF is going on?

Is it any surprise that no sane person who has had a life, and yes that means doing stupid shit when younger, quite probably illegal or naively offensive, would ever stand for parliament?

Why, when trying to serve the public interest, would people want to have their lives investigated, dissected and smeared by stuff that happened so many years ago, and that bears no relation to the individual they are now?

I believe personally that Corbyn is a complete and utter idiot, but that is based on a view of his moribund ideology, not who he shagged 20 years ago. Yes, expose his votes, his business relationships, but what he does in his private life? That is his business and his alone.

So I hope you will join me in completely blanking a book by a lord who seems to have forgotten what being a peer of the realm means. It’s a title earned, not bought, and with it comes responsibility to your country, not your ego.

Finally, and just as importantly, as a co-founder of a free-spirited publication, I abhor any kind of censorship, but that means earning that right not demeaning it.