by Zbiggy 11th September 2015

A very warm welcome to this week’s vblog. Before diving in to an overview of the content, and therefore having to view my ugly mug again, a music prelude.

It’s really interesting, of all the initial core team working on the publication, Ryan, Nev, Steph and John, while all completely different personalities, we all have one common trait and that is a real love of great music.

So thought would be great to introduce this post with a piece of amazing jazz, called “For Zbiggy.” Would love to claim, but sadly can’t, that I inspired the piece, or know the dude. But absolutely love it! A bit mad, creative, freeform yet structured, passionate, individual yet collective, but above all definitely not run of the mill or boring. Plus it does go on a bit! What is not to love? So, my newly adopted musical signature piece. Enjoy!

A video overview of this weeks post;